Jaguars Christian Home School Sports



2019-20 Online Registration CLOSED!

Handouts: Court Diagram, 7 Points of Defense, and Shooting Checklist

Season Overview

Practices start the week of Nov. 4th

Please be sure to check out our Calendar Page that is already update to date with practices and games that are scheduled.

Practice Schedule

High School Boys: Monday at Palisade Gym (corner of Iowa Ave and 7th St.) and Thursday at Bookcliff Activity Center from 7-9 pm

High School Girls: Tuesday/Thursday at Palisade Gym (corner of Iowa Ave and 7th St.) from 6-8 pm

Middle School Boys: Monday from 4-6 pm/Wednesday from 5-7 pm at Crossroads United Methodist and Monday from 6-8 pm at Monument Baptist

Middle School Girls: Tuesday/Thursday at Crossroads United Methodist from 4-6 pm

Games are typically Friday evenings, but there are exceptions.

Mandatory Coaches Meeting: TBA (normally early December)

End-of-year Tournament: TBA (typically the second weekend in March)

Mandatory Parent/Athlete Meeting: 

Monday, October 28th at 7 pm

Calvary Bible Church

629 27 1/2 Road, Grand Junction, CO 81506


Registration Deadline: October 21st...  Late registrations will be considered at the discretion of the board and coaches with a $25 late fee.

To register, we need a completed Online Registration Form along with a signed Medical Release and Code of Conduct with your payment no later than the night of the Parent/Athlete Meeting. Payment should be made payable to JCHSS and sent with signed forms to:

P.O. Box 3956

Grand Junction, CO 81502 

Coach's Registration Deadline: September 9th (Coaching Application - Returning coaches in good standing no longer need to fill out an application.  You do need to notify the board of your interest and coaches are always subject to board approval.)

Scoreboard/Scorebook Training Clinic: TBA

High School Girls

Team Mom:  Toni Kolisch: 366-2735                                          

Head Coach: Travis Kolisch: 366-2735

Asst. Coach: Toni Kolisch: 366-2735                             

High School Boys

Team Mom: Angie Abshear: 263-9055                  

Head Coach: Ty Abshear: 263-9055

Asst. Coach: Don Abshear: 241-2797

Asst. Coach: Matt Cooper: 201-9380

Middle School Girls

Team Mom: Bethany Chambers: 201-6900

Head Coach: Megan Underwood: 201-8793

Asst. Coach: Tom Rau

Middle School Boys

Team Mom: Janette Colegrove: 903-920-5834

Head Coach: James Templeton: 250-9588

Head Coach: Aaron Thomas: 523-9077
Head Coach: Alberto Alfaro: 589-4386

Team Mom Coordinator: Lisa Moore: 589-5196

Basketball Coordinator: Brian Brantley: 487-3879

Scheduling Coordinator: Shyleen Myers: 433-3523

Referee Coordinator: Rich Antonio

Scorebook & Scoreboard Trainer: Travis Kolisch: 366-2735

Facilities Manager: Ty Abshear: 263-9055