Jaguars Christian Home School Sports



Jaguars Christian Home School Sports Board Members

Ty Abshear 263-9055

Brian Brantley 260-7009

Dave Irick 261-7133
Travis Kolisch 366-2735

JCHSS is a member of the Association of Christian Schools of Western Colorado (ACSWC). The Board meets monthly to discuss new policies, address problems which may arise, and to approve coaches and new board members. Board members serve a minimum term of two years. One member is required to serve as the JCHSS representative to ACSWC meetings held at times throughout the year. The JCHSS holds one vote on the ACSWC executive board.

Decisions concerning coach selection, policies and rules affecting the JAGS exclusively, finances, disciplinary actions up to and including termination of participation, and selection of new board members are to be approved or rejected by a simple majority of the board. Copies of board meeting minutes are available on request. Board meetings are open and are held on the second Monday of the month.


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